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Shoreline, the first residential development by Folkestone Harbour & Seafront Development Company, is open for viewing.  The Times has voted Folkestone as one of the best places to live in Britain in 2024.  Now prospective buyers can see the penthouses, beach houses and apartments. Head of Sales, Doug Acton, talks to Folkelife about what’s on offer and why Shoreline is the place to buy.

“I discovered Folkestone about 5 years ago. We live in Sevenoaks and friends had told me about how we needed to visit.  I’ve got a young family, so we started off at the Lower Leas Coastal Park.  After playing on the Pirates’ Ship, and had coffee there, we walked up the Zig Zag path, along The Leas having an ice cream near the bandstand.  Then we wandered down to the Harbour.  

“It was a beautiful day, and we marveled at the fact that this is here; it was like coming away on holiday and we had such a wonderful time.  Folkestone has become a regular place for us to visit.  As the girls have grown up, they love coming here to play and create new adventures.

“One of the great things about Folkestone is that there’s space.  You can enjoy the beach with many other people, but there’s space to spread out and you can keep an eye on your kids easily.  It’s also a really relaxing place for adults too!”

Harbour Arm Folkestone

creating a destination

The Folkestone Harbour & Seafront Development Company have been investing in the town for many years.  The Harbour renovations are testament to the team’s work in creating a community that lives and works in and for Folkestone.

“The town has changed so much over the years, and the effort that has gone into making this a new destination has been great.  That’s what excites me about this job.  My background is in 5 Star Luxury Hospitality and Property.  And what we’re doing here is creating a lifestyle and a destination for people to live and visit.   The next 15 to 20 year plan is putting all those elements together to create a destination.

“But also, when you look at the details in this building that’s Shoreline you can appreciate the thought that’s gone into its design and build. The bricks have been shaped to reduce the speed of the wind circulating the building.  The fact that these bricks are glazed gives quality to Shoreline that makes it stand out above the rest.  There are no other developments anywhere nearby that are doing what’s happening here.”

Harbour Station
Shoreline Balcony
Concrete Panels Shoreline
Shoreline Entrance CGI Dec 2022
Shoreline The West End

shoreline – attention to detail

It struck me when I saw Shoreline for the first time that this is a really unique building.  There’s a scarcity of product here which means we have something truly original to sell.  The care and attention that’s gone into creating this building is apparent.  And it really appealed to me.  It also means that Shoreline can reach different markets.  Parents can commute from here and be in London in an hour; retired people can free up some cash in selling their large family home and moving to Shoreline.  We have a concierge service that makes these homes ideal for ‘lock up and leave’ if you want to go travelling.  There’s the security in having the concierge and they are very easy to maintain. 

“There are people looking for holiday lets and second homes so that they can enjoy Folkestone at its finest.  The summer here is great, but there are events across the year that need to be experienced too – the Festive Market at Christmas; Walking With Ghosts is a moving tribute to those who left for war from Folkestone Harbour.”

heritage and resurgence

“What struck me as incredibly important is that in this very modern build there are so many acknowledgements to the heritage of this area.  Folkestone blossomed into a tourist destination soon after the railway arrived here in the 1850s.  It was one of the major ports for service men and women to leave and return during World War 1.  That obviously changed the nature of the town, and yet it blossomed again between the the wars, and after WW2 it had another resurgence.  We’re now part of Folkestone’s re-blossoming in the 21st Century with everything that’s happening in the town.”

local investment

“Folkestone has always been fortunate in its strategic location to mainland Europe.  Every way you look you can see the diversity of people this town suits and the opportunities here for new residents.  It’s an exciting challenge for me.  I’m getting to know the local businesses and bringing them on board to be involved in selling Shoreline means that the town really does benefit from the development.  Rachel from Pot and Vessel has done a fantastic job with the gardens and interior plants; Terlingham Vineyards bring that local, award-winning sparkle to our hospitality, as do the Rocksalt Group in helping us entertain clients.  It’s great to involve the local estate agents in sharing the selling of these homes.  

“I’ve been bowled over by the welcome I’ve had from everyone here in Folkestone.  There are many people here with a vested interest in Folkestone and so they are very supportive of what we’re doing.  It’s in everyone’s interest that Shoreline is successful as we’re helping build and expand what Folkestone has to offer.  Bringing different cultures here, different nationalities and people down to Folkestone expands the Folkestone experience.”

Folkestone Harbour & seafront Development

Shoreline is the first residential building in the Folkestone Harbour and Seafront Development Company plan for the coastline in Folkestone.  The Company has been responsible for renovating and animating the Harbour Arm, one of the most visited food and entertainment venues in Kent.  Architects ACME and Jenner (contractors) ltd have been instrumental in their professional contributions to the design, building and renovating of the Harbour area.

To view properties please visit the Shoreline site. You can follow Shoreline updates on Instagram.

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